Cute Lingerie

With so many sexy and cute lingerie out on the market, it can be very overwhelming for anyone to choose just one or maybe two. The origins of this revealing, silky underwear started among the French, famous for their passion on food and fashion. Before, underwear for women was seen to be big and bulky. But because of the pioneering efforts of a Frenchwoman during the late 19th century, the earliest form of lingerie was created in the form of a corset, which paved the way for women to wear fitting and comfortable undergarments.

The years then followed with several underwear manufacturers and designers creating different kinds of corsets and brassieres which became smaller, less bulky and quite sexy. During the First World War, a lot of women had to fill in for most of the men’s work roles which created a demand for practical and durable women’s underwear.  Of course, knowledge and technology progressed through the years with the simple corset and brassiere evolving into several types of sexy and cute lingerie such as thongs, g-strings, baby dolls, garter belts, teddies, nightgowns and slips. 

If you browse at any department store and proceed specifically to the ladies underwear and section, you would be besieged with so many sexy and cute lingerie with different shapes, colors, brands and types. Of course, bras and panties would always be considered the most common form of lingerie which definitely accentuates a woman’s figure and shape. But if you wish to further emphasize the fullness of your bottom, wearing thongs and g-strings would be the right lingerie for you.

A lot of men go gaga when they see a string or thin cloth holding the cute lingerie which allows the cheeks of the bottom to be fully exposed. But here’s a little trivia: thongs and g-strings were actually made for men a long time ago to over their male parts.

But then later on, it became more associated for women wanting to be sexy and alluring. Another type of lingerie that is cute and sexy would be the baby doll. Baby dolls can be compared to a negligee or a soft gown with a sleeveless design and often comes with bra cups built inside. By the name itself, it looks sweet and sexy enough for anyone wearing it.

This type if cute lingerie is usually worn like a pajama before going to bed because of the silky material most baby doll lingerie are made from. A teddy is another cute lingerie that combines the sexy and erotic look if a camisole and the silky and soft look of panties. Usually comes in two pieces, teddies have several styles to choose from such as lace, leather, peek-a-boo, print and halter.

Again, it can be a difficult and frustrating experience for anyone trying to find the right lingerie especially if it’s for the first time. So here are some tips to follow when selecting a sexy and cute lingerie that would fit your style and shape. Like all garments or clothing, the very first step when finding the right lingerie would be to figure out the shape of your body. Once you have determined your body shape, the next step would be to explore the different styles of lingerie that work with your shape. For example, women with very distinguished curves should opt to look for a lingerie that emphasizes more on the body shape and less on the thighs such as a two-piece lacy bra with matching mini skirt.

Another tip would be set a budget when buying a cute lingerie not just to discourage you from spending too much for a piece of clothing, but also helps you narrow down the choices for the right lingerie. Of course, the best tip when finding sexy and cute lingerie would be to keep in mind that the lingerie you choose should not make you look sexy, but comfortable as well.

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